Optimize content to increase revenue automatically from affiliate marketing with Viglink services.

We all want to create great content, but great content is not enough if it doesn't print you money.
We will share some of our best content production tips with you to optimize your passive income, through Viglink affiliate acquisition service.

 Income chart

You know: savvy shoppers often compare 2-3 large merchant websites to determine the best place to buy the items they need: shipping time, overall cost (product + shipping) transfer) and if the store offers any promotional codes to soften the deal. Instead of asking the publisher to research every possible store to link the product you want to advertise, VigLink Optimize will help you a lot. When you insert an affiliate link on your website, VigLink Optimize automatically analyzes the location to ensure that it links to the best possible destination for that product. The algorithm considers factors like conversion rates for those commissions and commissions to ensure you get as much money as possible from each sale. If the system determines there is a better source for that traffic to be directed, the link will automatically redirect without work or coding on your side. A month later, if a new commercial site is determined to be a better source of traffic, the link will re-optimize, as many times as there is a better traffic source.

The problem is: how do I get the keywords that can be converted into affiliate sales of Viglink?
Your content can be humorous sharing, or online gossip. That does not matter. It is essential that you have keywords related to the products that many people are interested in.
For example, you write a paragraph as follows: "I'm going to add my praises. Ira is fabulous to work with, and create a gorgeous cover for the first book of my new fantasy series."
When posting this paragraph, if your website has installed Viglink code to make money, then Viglink will automatically insert sales links in the keywords "gorgeous cover" and the keyword "fantasy series".
Or in the article you mentioned for example "sex toy". Either you mention an electronic product like Samsung Galaxy Note, or even, sometimes in your article there is only the word "note" then Viglink will automatically insert sales links into those keywords. Products can come from the Amazon, may come from the eBay, or from any vendor affiliated with Viglink, on the principle of maximizing income for you from time to time.
Interestingly, if your keyword is "Amazon" then there will not be automatic links, but if your keyword is "the Amazon" then there will be automatic linking of the inserted Viglink. It is similar to the content you mention iPhone is different from a specific product such as "iPhone 11".
Another example, you write a short paragraph as follows: "Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk" then the keyword "SM-G930V" is also a very high probability product inserted product links by Viglink. However, if you use the keyword "MacBook Pro" or the keyword "MacBook", then there are equal opportunities.
To find out which keywords are most likely to be converted into sales links, you should refer to the products of Amazon, in the customer reviews. This will give you a lot of ideas about the keywords that can be converted into money for you, such as: "Bridgestone tires", or the keywords "20th century romance", or like "western romance" that for example, in the following image.

 20 century

To conclude this article, I will give evidence that I have made money from linking Viglink with keywords: Medicine Ball, Surfboard, healthy lifestyle, change position, iron position, ... even from proper names like Jennifer Lopez and Taylor Swift 😍.

Note: some keywords I for example may not include links because depending on the time, products that do not meet the income optimization will be ignored by Viglink.


If you do not have a Viglink account to make money automatically, click here to register for an account and follow their instructions to get the code inserted into your website or blog. Your registered account will be approved within 24 hours. 

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