25 things you did not know about adultery

Marital infidelity is a topic that has been the subject of many books and films. What makes people cheat? Is our nature to blame? Or is it still a choice?

1- Most mammals are polygamous. Only 3% of mammals are monogamous - humans also belong to this group.

Many other species of primates, our genetic relatives, do not remain with a partner for life, like us.

2- The hormone of happiness is to blame. The hormone dopamine enters the bloodstream of a person when he does something pleasant. For example, making love.

Researchers have found that people with a longer dopamine effect have a much higher percentage of adultery.

3- Two people may have different ideas about love. With a partner, you need to go through three levels of love - physical, romantic and affection.

After going through all three levels with one partner, a person can never change.

4- Social networks increase the number of marital betrayals. Unfortunately, the growing popularity of social networks goes in parallel with the growth of infidelity in marriage.

After all, people can watch former lovers there and quickly establish contact with them.

5- The level of “hormone hugs” affects treason. The hormone vasopressin is responsible for maintaining water in the human body. But he helps build pairs. Such a "hug hormone."

People with low levels of vasopressin are prone to cheating. They also constantly distrust the partner.

6- Personal hygiene is important. According to doctors and psychologists, personal hygiene plays a very important role in relationships.

If your partner does not take care of yourself, you will not want to be with him. Even if he is a very good person.

7- According to experts, most spouses will change sooner or later.

About 60% of married men and 50% of married women will sooner or later have “love” on the side. These numbers are a little horrific.

8- The timbre of the voice affects our perception of the partner. Interestingly, the lower the man’s voice, the more likely the woman will consider him a traitor.

Men are more likely to consider traitors to women with high voice tones.

9- Cheating makes you more talked about and a little different. Relations with other partners change a person greatly. Intimate life becomes more diverse.

If a person simply fascinated you with his behavior, then he has a huge experience in dating.

10- Cheating does not mean that you are unhappy in the family. Interestingly, traitors often find their marriage happy.

About 34% of women who changed their faith and 56% of men said that they were very happy with marriage.

11- Often cheaters want to be caught. It’s just easier for a person to get caught. No need to hide anymore.

But it’s not clear why he won’t stop doing it if he feels bad.

12- Women are more likely to change during ovulation. This fact is understandable from the point of view of biology.

When a woman is fertile, she is more likely to be turned on by attractive strangers.

13- Most traitors are busy finding a partner at work. According to data from a dating site, 68% of cheaters are looking for entertainment while at work.

Some people spend more than an hour of work per day looking for sex on the side. What would employers say to this?

14- Emotional betrayal is more dangerous. As psychologists note, emotional betrayal means that a person still needs someone emotionally.

Sometimes people who cheat manage to be with two people at the same time. And they feel happy.

15- Men and women perceive treason in different ways. Men are worse at physical adultery; women are less emotional.

16- Women consider even the tricks of their husbands cheating: kiss, flirt, SMS.

17- Imitation of orgasm leads to infidelity. So say sexologists.

It is noteworthy that the man remains faithful to his woman, who is constantly experiencing pleasure.

18- Treason for revenge does not help. You only inflict great pain on yourself, destroy everything good.

Making relationships for revenge is a step of a very immature person.

19- Unfortunately, infidelity causes 65% of divorces. And the point here is not only that the injured person cannot forgive. The attitude of the person who changed has also changed. Constant guilt does not allow to live on.

Only 35% of couples are able to survive this nightmare and stay together as a real family.

20- Cheating for the sake of protecting offspring from a biological point of view is fully justified. After all, female chimpanzees have several partners.

But according to human standards - this violates the sacred institution of the family.

21- A man changes if he does not like sexual life. After all, intimate relationships are an important component of a happy life.

Sex for representatives of the strong half of humanity is of great importance.

22- Partners who change have increased sexual activity in marriage.

Deceivers, going "to the left", then bring a good mood and something new to the family.

23- People usually cheat with friends. So they hope to keep their secret.

A person feels not so guilty anymore if he cheats with someone he knows and understands needs.

24- Women under twenty-five years of age are more likely to change than older women . 

The reason may be dissatisfaction with sexual life.

25- Traitors love to go shopping. They want to look attractive to a lover.

Some of these women even have a secret credit card.

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