20 Modern Art Installations It’s Hard to Believe Are Real

Every day, artists are trying to find new ways to impress people and to go beyond what has already been done. From giant optical illusions to the creation of entire buildings defying reality and gravity, modern art installations are becoming more and more extraordinary.

We have compiled some art installations that have reached the highest levels of excellence, to such an extent that you will be completely impressed. It is also guaranteed that your appreciation of artists everywhere will skyrocket by the end of this article.

1. No more wondering what it would look like to zip down the wall of a building...

2. I bet you never thought it was possible to make an entire building out of wire mesh.

3. Getting a better view has never been easier.

4. Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven” might be real after all.

5. Sometimes you don’t glue things well enough and they just slowly start to fall down.

6. Help can come when you least expect it and from the most surprising places.

7. It’s hard to imagine how someone could put together such a clear image by just painting and stacking multiple containers.

8. Who knew magic trees existed that could hold the weight of an overhead freeway?

9. This is it: all your Lego constructions from when you were a kid are becoming real.

10. Artists even find ways to fight gravity.

11. Embracing each other’s differences can build bridges, literally.

12. Sea monsters may or may not take over abandoned buildings when they see them.

13. If you ever wanted to touch the sky, this house is for you.

14. Giants are real and here’s proof.

15. If you stand in right spot, great things happen sometimes.

16. Sometimes resisting the heat is hard for everyone... and everything.

17. Blink if you’ve ever gotten yourself stuck and needed help to be free again.

18. Are they trying to fly away or go for a dive? You decide.

19. It’s amazing how the Mini looks mini at first glance.

20. Talent has no boundaries for certain people.


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