19 People who can tell you better than Google how to lose weight

The process of losing weight is not easy to start. There are old habits that must be abandoned and new to adopt. And then there is the biggest obstacle of all: the lack of motivation.
To motivate you, we have decided to share with you 20 amazing stories of people who transformed their bodies by deciding to put their health and happiness first. If they could do it, you can too. This article is also an exaltation to the action of these men and women to fitness and a healthy lifestyle.

1. One year less, a lifetime ahead! From 145 kilos to 47 kilos

2. I still have a little more body fat to lose, but in general I am very happy :)

3. I see the changes we have made physically, mentally and emotionally and I couldn't be more proud

4. Halloween transformation

5. I learned that transforming yourself mentally or physically is not a race, do not worry about the time it takes, the progress is progressive

6. On the left the day of my marriage proposal with 127 kg in July 2015 and my wedding photo on the right with 74 kg in October 2016

7. Nothing feels better than feeling healthy

8. I recently received these 2 photos of me. In fact, I have come a long way

9. From 181 kg to 120 kg in 10 months. I'm surprised to see muscles for the first time in my life

10. These shorts used to be so tight, I had friction burns after 10 minutes, hehe!

11. I just finished my third triathlon and I exceeded my previous time in 24 minutes! 11 kg left!

12. The day of our wedding vs our second anniversary

13. My son lost 61 kg in 52 weeks. I'm so proud of him

14. Always keep your clothes as a reminder of the hard work you have done!

15. From morbid obesity to a fit life . What an incredible process it has been!

16. Honestly, I barely recognize the person on the left. How happy I feel with my appearance now!

17. I lost 133 kg in 14 months. It has been a great challenge to reach my goal of 91 kg. I was stuck at 100 kg for 4 months

18. I finally reached a new important event in my life! Celebrated with a dress size 12 (down from a 28)

19. From 163 kg to 82 kg in 72 months. I can even run marathons!

What transformation do you think is the most impressive? Tell us in the comments section. If you know any other inspiring story, share it with us.

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