10+ Animals that act as if they were in the movies

Nothing makes your day better than adorable, sweet and funny pictures of animals and pets. They have their own personalities and they make us believe that they have the same emotions, events and challenges as humans. However, if we think we are the only ones to have a life that looks like movies, we are wrong. Take a look at some pictures below, you'll see these animals behave like stars in comedies, dramas or action movies and even beat some hooman actors.

There are millions of animal images and videos on the Internet that people can not help but look at and share the best of the best with you. We have collected images of animals whose life is a film to share with you and which illuminates your day. Scroll down and enjoy and do not forget to share with everyone!

1. My sister saw this proposal.

2. If gorillas could play in movies, they would certainly be awarded the "Best Kiss" prize!

3. A lion that looks like Lion King's Scar

4. Timon and Pumbaa in real life!

5. When it's your first day of work and a lady wants to talk to the manager:

6. It's a legitimate gangsta crew!

7. How can one be invited to such a pawty?

8. "My friend's dog looks like Buck from the ice age."

9. Initiation to fluffy knighthood

10. "Are not you a little short for a cow?

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