The story of Luna, the baby butterfly that shows that beauty is also in the different

Luna is the name of a girl who was born with a rare disorder that marks the skin. It is a butterfly-shaped mole or Batman mask, generated by a giant congenital melanocytic nevus, which manifests as a patch of dark and often hairy skin, which continues to grow to the same extent as the baby grows carrier.
The birthmark is caused by genetic changes while the baby is in the womb

The parents were warned by the doctor of the risk of cancer that the large mole on their face could imply for their little one, but an MRI scan allowed the disease to be ruled out. The brand affects 1 in 20,000 newborns worldwide.

Given the risk of cancer occurring, but also with the intention of avoiding future harassment of the baby, the parents decided to go to a surgeon to remove the mark, which while not causing pain, can cause itching and requires of periodic hydration, in addition to that it must be protected from the sun.
“We breathed with relief when we were discharged and told us to visit the dermatologist in three months. We do not wait, after 20 days we visited the first plastic surgeon, ”said the mother.

Dr. Barry Zide, professor of plastic surgery at the University of New York, explained that Luna may need five or six operations immediately. The cost of the surgeries could amount to $ 50,000 , for which his relatives have created a page in GoFundMe , which already has $ 18,000 in donations.

"The chances of cancer are very low, but the key is to eradicate the brand with minimal complications before Luna starts school," said Dr. Zide.
In addition, on an Instagram page , the family tries to raise awareness about birthmarks. In it, the little Moon already has 70,000 followers who pamper her by calling her "little butterfly."

“I want to show Luna that many people are sending her good vibes and show other people the difference and beauty she has. For us, Luna will always be beautiful and we tell her all the time. She is such a calm baby, she never cries and is really happy, she smiles all the time, ”said the happy and proud mom.

However, the same social network shows the terrible face of the comments:
“We also have some horrible comments. The worst we had was a man who said our baby is a monster, ”said the mother.

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