Page speed: a website ranking factor

Official information on Wednesday, January 17, 2018, Google announced the official page speed page speed will be a ranking factor for website search on mobile browsers - ie Google will index. and ratings based on mobile versions, called mobile-first index . It shows that you should invest in optimizing the page loading speed, making it easier to access the website on your mobile device and make the site as fast as possible.
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What do you have to do?

We also know that if you want to compete for a solid ranking for mobile websites and earn some money from it, you need to be diligent and essential to focus on page speed. speed .
Consider some recent research:
  • According to Google, the average time required to download a landing page on mobile is 22 secondsTime for customers to wait patiently and decide if they want to stay on a site for 3-5s . Comparing the two levels, you will see a huge difference. People are impatient. They want anything, they want it right away in a few moments. That's enough for you to realize that page speed is very important for web SEO , which is even more important for UX or prospect index.

Page speed will be a ranking factor

The question is :  Why should you focus on improving the speed of web loading

At this point, page speed is evaluated as a ranking factor. If the website on your mobile device is extremely slow, you can still get a fairly modest ranking with average page speed. But once it has been optimized for access time, your website speed is faster, your results will be much better.
  • The latest Google study shows that the bounce rate  increased by 32% when the page load time was 1-3 seconds . From 1 to 5 seconds will increase the risk of page exit to 90% and if your site takes 10 seconds to load, the risk of page exit will increase to 123% . OMG! Unbelievable! For search engines, better website results and performance is a sign of a healthy website and customer satisfaction. Therefore it should be "rewarded" with a higher ranking.

In addition, Google recently noted that page speed will be a ranking factor in the upcoming mobile-first index. Details on how they will rate page speed for mobile phones and rankings are still unknown. However, what we know doesn't change much from what we've mentioned in the past: make sure your site responds as quickly as possible, solid structure and great content. great.

How to speed up your website?

Do everything in your power to speed up your mobile website download because everyone loves a website that displays quickly in seconds.
First , check out Google's PageSpeed ​​InsightsThis tool gives detailed information about the page loading speed and shows how effective a page is in Chrome's UX Report and offers performance suggestions for us to improve.
Second , if you are blogging with Google's service, immediately download this theme: Fastest Premium Blogger Theme.


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