After 15 years dyeing his hair he decides to accept it and tell the world his case

He discovered his first sunny hair at age 21; Now, at 43, she hasn't dyed her hair for 6 years and feels full with her natural color.

Every stage of life, from childhood to old age, is full of beauty and teachings. Unfortunately, the aesthetic canons that harbor the desire of eternal youth have caused fewer and fewer people to accept the marks of time. Erroneously, we see gray hairs with fear, thinking that we will close the doors to new opportunities when, in reality, they only mark the beginning of a new stage and experiences.
When Sara looked at herself in the mirror and noticed that her hair was changing color and transformed into a silver mane, she couldn't help being horrified , she was 21 years old at the time.

She did not want to look like an old woman , she associated gray hair with old age and felt that it was not the time to wear silver hair, so she became obsessed with dyeing it every two weeks.

It was so much his eagerness to keep his hair dark that even a few hours before giving birth to Abe, his second son, he decided to dye it so that the people who visited them would not notice his gray hair.

At 37 he reacted, he understood that his image was not the most important, he gave up hair dyes and accepted his natural silver color breaking with society's schemes on gray hair.

Her husband Hanan supported her 100%, most of her family and friends too, but some told her she looked old and looked like a witch .

But despite the criticism, Sara says she feels better than ever. “I began to realize very important things: first that my shame about my hair was connected to other dimensions of my life that bothered me too, all based on social indoctrination. And second, that the rebirth of my silver hair was a symbol, a crown that marked a total detachment from shame and gave me the willpower necessary to love myself and free myself, ”Sara said.

Although that was not his goal, Sara became an inspiration to other women who feel the same fear of looking older and receiving criticism.

She managed to break the social stigma that exists on gray hair. " I feel that my hair is a symbol of natural beauty and freedom, I am extremely grateful to be able to help women discover how wonderful they really are, the freedom and fun that life can bring us," Sara explained.

Now, she highlights that she feels better than ever. “The opportunities to grow old in life are less than the opportunities to grow. Assuming this is the first step to being truly eternal. ” Share your testimony in your networks.

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