20+ Badass Trees That Refuse To Die No Matter What

Lessons Learned: There is always a way to overcome difficulties and events of life.

"There's always a way for every problem, just don't give up," said best-selling American author Tony Robins. Nature certainly has the skills to "overcome all obstacles" at the upper level and become great teachers of life.

Trees have existed for about 370 million years and as you can from these incredible photos, there is a good reason why they exist so long.

1. A Place Of Enchantment

2. This Palm Tree Fell Over And Curved Right Back Up

3. This Tree Fell Over And Grew 4 More Trees Out Of Itself

4. The Only Tree That Survived The Tsunami In Japan Between 70,000 Trees. Today Protected And Restored

5. Tree Of Life – Olympic National Park, Washington

6. A Tree’s Root Spill Over The Sidewalk

7. Nature FTW

8. I Found A Tree Growing Through Speed Limit Sign

9. This Tree That Refuses To Die

10. This Tree Still Has Its Leaves Because Of The Light Shining On It

11. Life Finds A Way

12. Tree Roots Extend Across A Gap To The Mainland For Nutrients

13. Life Finds A Way

14. Striving

15. Ta Promh Temple In Cambodia

16. My Grandpa Hung His Skates On A Small Tree When He Was Younger. He Forgot He Had Left Them There And Found Them Years Later

17. A Tree Growing On Another Tree

18. This Tree Is Growing Out Of Another Tree

19. This Tree Grew Out Of The Stump Of A Dead Tree And Then The Stump Rotted Away

20. A Tree Grows From Third Floor Window

21. Life Finds A Way

22. I Spent Ages Staring At This Tree Before Taking This Pic. I Hope You Find It As Fascinating As I Did

23. This Floating Island That Grew At The End Of A Partially Sunken Tree

24. The Old Piano Tree

25. Trees On A Tree

26. This Wooden Chair My Parents Bought Started Sprouting Leaves

27. My Sister’s Tree Is Eating Her Fence

28. One Tree On My Street Refused To Accept Winter

29. This Tree Growing Through A Fence

30. Life,Uh… Finds A Way

31. This Tree Is Tenacious

32. This Tree Grew Around A Stone Sculpture Of A Face, Making It Appear As If There Is A Green Man Trapped Inside

33. The Way This Palm Tree Fell And Continued To Grow

34. HK Forbes Street Kennedy Town Stone Wall Trees

35. This Tree Grew Around A Fire Hydrant

36. A Little Tree On The Sidewalk

37. 20+ Year Old Tree Growing Out The Top Of A Silo

38. The Way This Tree Ate This Bench

39. Trees Winning Against Concrete In Hong Kong

40. This Tree’s Roots Grew Up Through The Gaps In The Paving Stones

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