18 Radiographs that help you know the body as much as a book of anatomy

The human body, as we all know, is a perfect machine. While you work, sleep, or play sports, your heart pumps blood and your brain works tirelessly. And we could never know these processes without the invention of the scientist Wilhelm Röntgen , who, 120 years ago, discovered the x-ray, a system that literally allows people to see inside.
The  Fullfunn.com analyzed hundreds of magnetic resonance and X-ray images to find the most fantastic. Have you ever seen the performance of an opera singer looking through a CT scan? If the answer is no, get ready to kill curiosity.

1. The brain of a comatose patient and a healthy person

2. Panoramic photo of the jaw. The patient forgot to take off his glasses

3. This child swallowed a SpongeBob pendant

4.  Tractography (a special method of MRI) shows the nerve fibers that connect different areas of the brain

5.  AbioCor , an artificial heart

6. Woman with a baby

7. A woman was wearing eye-catching makeup before taking a CT scan. The machine scanned your makeup eyelashes

8. Radiography of a patient who underwent a gold-wire rejuvenation procedure

9. Computed tomography of the abdominal cavity of a smuggler who was caught carrying prohibited substances

10. This is the process of developing the hand of a human being from 8 months to 18 years

11. Image of an ankle taken with a spectral color scanner

12. X-ray of a 186 kg patient

13. Opera singer Michael Volle performing a part of Richard Wagner's Tannhäuser (Click to see animation)

14. Patient with brain damage caused by alcoholism. Brain and cerebellum decreased in size due to the effect of beverages

15. A baby moving in the mother's womb

16. Blood vessels of the finger. That's why blood starts to flow right away if you cut that region, even if the cut is small

17. The aorta, the largest artery in our body

18. So are the teeth of a person at age 7 (above) and at 30

Bonus: Sometimes radiologists get tired of looking at their patients' images and decide to make jokes

A patient cosplayer trapped in an army soldier's helmet. It's not true - This is how Iron Man's reactor would look on an x-ray

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