20 photos that prove that dogs are the guardian angels of children!

The presence of a pet can enhance the well-being of your child. This is not a discovery that dates from yesterday. A newborn, infant, or toddler particularly appreciates the comfort and presence of a dog or cat.
This is even more true if it is for children. There are races more predisposed to love children than others. Above all, there is an irrepressible desire, in these canines and felines, to take care as they can of the son, of the daughter of their master. Like the impression that they are invested with a mission that they take very seriously. This sometimes gives images like the ones you can see below. Images filled with love.

1. We can imagine the beginning of a great friendship

2. "When my son cries, my dog ​​rushes to stand by him and calm him down"

3. "Our dog has not left our child since we brought him back home"

4. It's hard to come across a hugger master!

5. "This baby is mine now, understood?"

6. “You gotta go through me first.”

7. "It's good, you'll never find better babysitter!"

8. "We have been home with our baby for 20 minutes and our dog already wants to give him a hug"

9. That look so touching is incredible ... as if it was his son!

10. "I look nice like that, but if you touch that boy's hair ..."

11. "So, are not they pretty good qualities for lulling the baby?"

12. "Do you really think my watch stops at the door?"

13. "You have to immunize now!"

14. You will never pass in front of this boy!

15. "So, she's good at my tongue, you'll have all your life with those kisses!"

16. "I'll teach you how to kiss even before your first lover"

17. "You know my friend, we watch over each other!"

18. "So, is not life beautiful with my new boyfriend?"

19.This seems to be the best security system.

20. This kid is not even born yet, but the cat is already madly in love.

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