16 cases where the background encompasses all the "masterpiece" photo

When you take a selfie or any other photo, you always need to first make sure that nothing doubtfully happens on the background. Otherwise, there is some risk that the photograph will not get what should have been.
Respect those guys who picked the perfect moment to jump.

The pilot's face, when one of the passengers decided to jump up and raise his hands up under the rotating blades of the helicopter

Girls are girls, and you can not miss the opportunity to stroke the cat

Almost a wolf in sheep's clothing: our days

The most ardent fan of himself

When the mirror is not slim and not fat, but doing something third

“Our first trip to Disney World ended with photobombing”

“It's hard to make a good photo when your best friend is around.”

“The couple behind me and my dad decided to“ steal ”this frame.

And how often does alpaca fit into your wedding frame?

“The best spontaneous photo I've ever done”

When someone gives too serious interview

Who among us did not end up on the spot of this Piglet on someone else's life celebration?

The third is tired of being superfluous

She does not suspect ...

“We had a wedding last week, and my friend spoiled the coolest photo of that evening.”

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