13 photos do not watch when you are sleepy because it causes extremely strong pains

These are photos that we don't often see in everyday life. They contain a bit of an illusion that you need to associate and deduce when watching.
Although the photos below are 100% true, they don't interfere with Photoshop, but they don't reflect the whole problem. So, you need to match the details and "guess the wallpaper", to understand how these photos were taken with great magic.

1. Miracle magic called "Portrait mode of iPhone X", taking 1 shot is "hack" that disappears half a glass of water!

2. With this angle, look at the great uncle!

3. Is the walk on the water a reality?

4. Not a fictional movie, welders are doing it:

5. The boss cat is "closing his eyes to see the summer", but the eyes in his reflection are ... scared!

6. Under the perspective of insects, it seems that small plants become great and stunning like this:

7. Hey goat, take a little selfie?

8. God, just look at the camel have 4 humps?!

9. A little illusion in the metro station in Moscow capital:

10. Where is your baby's body?

11. Pelican: Who criticizes her fat sister to eat it too !!

12. Do you think this is an elephant that we see through the glass door? But wait, did anyone design a glass truck door?

13. Raising these bosses is really hard of heart!

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