13 Few known facts that may someday save your life

Many injuries and even death could be avoided if people react correctly in a critical situation. Sometimes the knowledge of something simple is able to increase the possibility of surviving or saving someone's life. A Reddit user asked the  question , "What little known fact is capable of saving a life?" And the responses of people inspired us to create this post.
We reviewed some situations in which our lives may depend on how we act and proposes ways of doing things that will help you to overcome them.

1. Encounter with an aggressive bear

Of course it is best to avoid bears in the wild, but if you come across one of them, you should know that the weakness of this animal is the ability to do maneuvers. The bears run fast, so competing with them on this point does not make sense. However, they are animals that find it very difficult to move skillfully around an object, such as a car or a tree . Sooner or later the predator will give up when he realizes that this crafty portion of "food" (ie, you) is not worth it.
However, you do not need to panic before the bear shows aggression. If he looks in your direction then you should stand still. This means that the animal can not understand who you are and what you want to do. If you begin to approach, move away slowly. Bears rarely attack people and may leave when they realize that it is a human being.

2. Smell of fish or urine that has appeared for no reason at home

If you can not determine the origin, then it may be a  smell of melted cables. Such a situation can lead to a fire or even an explosion. The best decision will be to turn off the electricity before figuring out the causes.

3. Sea current that takes you

If by chance you have fallen into a countercurrent flow, it does not make sense to swim against it toward the coast, as it will only waste energy in vain. Try to move parallel to the shore until you leave the stream and then head towards the beach.

4. Aspirin for a Heart Attack

A single tablet can significantly improve your condition. It is recommended to give first aid immediately to the affected person, put something under the head or sit and then offer the medication . To make it work faster, it is better to chew the tablet very well .

5. Diagnosis of sunshine

The obvious symptoms of sunstroke are dizziness and nausea, but others may appear, too. To be sure, it is worth eating something sweet, or sucking a bullet. If the taste sounds unpleasant, it means you have sunstroke. It is important that people with a malfunction of the cardiovascular system find out the reason for the symptoms as quickly as possible and get medical care on time.

6. A simple manipulation to reanimate a person

If you have to reanimate a person who has suddenly lost consciousness, you should lie down carefully on your back and raise your knees to the chest . By doing this, the blood flow will reach the brain and the person will revive. But in the beginning, you need to make sure there are no injuries to your legs and body, otherwise you could cause more damage.

7. Taking a bite out of a poisonous snake

Contrary to popular beliefs , you should not suck the poison, put something cold, tourniquets, squeeze or disinfect the wound. Until the snake-pricked person is treated by specialists, she will need to drink plenty of water and take an antihistamine (antiallergic) medication . The area of ​​the bite should be kept at rest, otherwise the venom will spread faster through the body.

8. After reanimate a drowned person

If you have managed to revive a person who has swallowed a lot of water, that does not mean that her life is out of danger. It is worth taking it to the hospital immediately , as there is a risk that water has entered the lungs, which can lead to  death within a few days.

9. How to Break the Glass of a Car in Case of an Accident

When you find yourself in a situation where you can only get out of the car through the window, it is worth remembering that it is easier to break the glass the side and not from the center . In addition, this task can be facilitated by the headrest if you can get it off the seat. It is fixed differently in different models of cars, so it is worth checking your own in advance.

10. Fire by a water bottle

It looks extreme, but the sun's rays that fall directly on a bottle of water can actually cause a fire . What happens is that, in this case, the bottle will play the role of a lens and will concentrate the solar heat in a single point. It is best to keep these containers away from the window and preferably never leave them in the car .

11. Always have antihistamine medicines by hand

It may happen that you are allergic to something you have never interacted with before. In addition, the reaction can be so strong that without the help needed, it can cause death. It is especially important to take antihistamines during travel, when people try on new treats and face new species of plants, among other things.

12. Water on the beach retreats more than normal

If suddenly the coast starts to run out of water, this is a sign of a future tsunami. When you realize this in places where a natural disaster is possible, you should warn everyone around you and run.
Unfortunately, before the Indian Ocean tsunami in 2004, few people paid attention to this detail. All along the coast, people went out to gather shells and fish. This phenomenon was more interesting for children. However, on two beaches there were people who knew this fact: Englishwoman Tilly Smith , 10, and biology professor John Chroston . That day they managed to save the lives of many people.

13. Rule of three

Being in a complicated situation, it is worth remembering some indicators that can describe the average capacities of a person to survive:
  • 3 minutes without air;
  • 3 hours in extreme temperature;
  • 3 days without water;
  • 3 weeks without food.
Without setting priorities correctly, the probability of survival will be very low.
And you, have you ever had to face one of these situations? Did you react correctly? Share your response in the comments.
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